zoom in elektronenmikroskopische Bilder & Zeichnungen von Gewächsen und Insekten Siebdrucke auf Glas, Schubladen der Abteilung für Geologie der Universität Stockholm 63 x 75 cm 2014
Glass and timber are the materials I am currently using for serigraphy and printing projects. My latest big project was related to Stockholm's University, department of environmental chemistry where I got involved with state-of-the-art science connected with environmental issues. At the Museum of Nature and Science Stockholm I had access to the collection and scientific research of insects. Scanning electron microscopes gave me an inside view in a world of creatures, animals and structures invisible for the human eye. It opened me a stunning world full of surprise. This huge fundus of information is a rich source for my artistic approach. I zoomed into this world of colonies like ants and bees, hunters, predators or parasites and everyone plays an important role in balancing the ecosystem. At Stockholm’s university I learnt that chemicals – coming from industries, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, plastics, many modern products – exposed into the environment are a danger for insects. Insects play an important role in the food chain of our ecosystem as well as for pollenising our blossoms. Portraying insects and the smallest animals illuminates the bases of life on earth. Besides printing on objects I love drawing. A Drawing gives the artwork a very personal intimate touch. I often combine photos and drawings. I try to make my artwork visible to the public, therefore I am currently working for “Kunst am Bau” - art in public places.
l‘heure bleue painting on canvas, Malerei auf Leinwand 150 x 270 cm | 180 x 365 cm 2019, 2016
Zur blauen Stunde - zwischen Nacht und Morgengrauen - sitze ich am Wasser und beobachte. Ich möchte nicht denken, nur schauen. Tramhappert eintauchen in die Welt - bis es richtig hell wird.