Eldorado The   longing   for   idyll,   for   a   flawless   innocent   world   not   only meets   today's   zeitgeist.   The   myth   of   the   search   for   the Eldorado    symbolizes    the    human    need    for    a    place    of perfection.   This   is   often   a   driving   force   for   traveling   to distant      places,      overloaded      with      wishful      thinking expectations    in    the    luggage.    The    wanderlust    and    the desire   for   time   off   can   also   cause   a   ruthless   conquest   of paradise others. Excursions,   excuses   from   the   Narrows   of   the   interior   into the   vastness   of   the   outer   space   in   airy   landscapes,   deep waters, snow capped mountains are made.
The   beauty,   delicacy   and   diversity   of   nature   is   shown   by the   choice   of   the   material,   in   this   case   fragile   Japanese paper. Fantastic    elements    indicate    with    a    nod    to    an    earthly imperfection   -   the   earthly   beauty.   Projections   of   desires and   longings   are   presented   in   the   form   of   reflections,   in the     idea     of     flying     boats     or     in     the     form     of     mass parachutists.